Josy - Jodteststation

JOSy - The Professional Iodine Testing Station

A flawless bonding is the heart of high quality corrugated board.
For this the ideal glue application is key.

The multiple fators like glue gap, paper gap between glue and corrugating roll, roll speed, glue recipe, etc. do require an ideal adjustment to each other. The most effective and fastest method to simply visualize the result, before claims occur, is an optical analysis by means of a soak-off test with iodine.

Unfortunately during our numerous service calls we noticed that not everywhere is tested in the required frequency or quality. On site our trainers realized that often unsufficient equipment or an inadequate environment are the limits.

Therefore the idea was born to create a professional soak-off testing station to enable a fast and clean analysis of the bonding to increase the board quality sustainably in the long run.

We named it JOSy!

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JOSy - Die professionelle Jodteststation


  • Fast and clean analysis of the bonding
  • Detection of bonding issues
  • Cost savings when defective stacks are not converted
  • Increase of customer satisfaction
  • Starch saving
  • Detection of splashing
  • Improvement of the glue application
  • Increased board quality
  • Improved board flatness
  • Higher line speed


  • Stainless steel
  • Convenient faucet and shower
  • Lightbox to analyse samples
  • Plug & Go water and power supply
  • Built-in water heater
  • Sample storage
  • Sufficient storage space for equipment
  • 1400 x 600 mm / 55 x 23 ⅔ inches (W x D)
  • 230 V
Soak the board

Soaking the board samples to separate the single paper layers

The bonding will be opened in the spacious sink, made out of easy-to-clean stainless steel.

JOSy is equipped with a built-in water heater as the warm water does separate the papers faster. The drain is the same as on a regular home sink, so only water supply/outlet and power from a regular plug have to be provided.

Applying the iodine

The paper samples can the placed on the back wall with the supplied hangers and the iodine solution can be sprayed onto them.

For convenient access the spray bottle can be placed on the intended holder.

The iodine will dye the glue lines into a purple colour and make them visible.

Apply iodine
Rinse off and dry

Rinse off and cleaning

With the convenient shower head on the faucet rinsing-off and cleaning is super easy.

The paper samples can dry and the draining water is collected in a channel and guided to the drain.

Analysis of the glue lines

Finally the most important step, the analysis of the glue lines.

On top of the lightbox table also the glue lines of heavy paper grades can be seen very well.

If you need support with the analysis please contact our M-P-SP trainers for help or ask for a training on how to do soak-offs, evaluate them and recognize failures as well as support you to optimise the machines due to the findings.

Analyse the starch lines



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JOSy - The Professional Iodine Testing Station

Corr24 presents the wordwide first professional iodine testing station - JOSy.


Fast, convenient and clean idodine soak-off tests.