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Welcome to Maintenance meets Productivity, a comprehensive maintenance and production support program for mixed corrugators.

Are you also often faced with the problem that you have a variety of external contacts for your mixed corrugator?There is usually no supplier who takes the responsibility for the entire process...

Does that sound familiar?

There are many contact persons, of whom ultimately no one has overall responsibility for the whole process.

  • Each supplier has a different focus and is responsible for only a part of the process. 
  • You get reports, but are left alone to put these into action.

Usually problems are treated in isolation. An overall plan with consideration of the entire environment is lacking. As a customer you can quickly feel isolated. You may find it difficult transferring the various proposals of the individual suppliers into a single overall concept.

Wouldn’t it be ideal, if there was a support for maintenance and productivity improvement from a single source, regardless of the different machines on your corrugator? A partner who supports you in maintenance. A partner who can help you to achieve your productivity goals.

Corr24 provides you with this support.
This consists of 3 packages:

  • Maintenance:

    supporting or carrying out maintenance. The package will be tailored to your needs and includes clearly defined modules. Planning and execution are checked by us.


    • Support maintenance software for planning, controlling and reporting
    • Training and coaching of customer personnel
    • Optimum coordination with supply of spare parts
  • Productivity:

    assistance in achieving your goals in the areas of increase of output, reduction of waste and improvement of quality.


    • Regular audits on the basis of jointly defined targets
    • Production optimized machine settings
    • Ensuring energy efficiency of the corrugator
    • Examination and tips on how to comply with occupational safety
    • Training and coaching clients staff
  • Spare Parts:

    Spare parts and consumables are at your site before the actual need arises. This enables us to ensure immediate implementation of the measures from the packages mentioned above.


    • Carrying out spare parts supply and – logistics
    • Scope of supply to be defined by customer
    • Payment conditions to be agreed
    • Optional warehouse management incl. planning, processing and software

A long-lasting partnership, which can be flexibly adapted to your needs and helps you to concentrate in your daily business on your core tasks.

Corr24 provides satisfaction through continued support by:

  • Common steps to increase productivity
  • Support or alternatively carry out the maintenance
  • Long-term supply of spare parts ensuring optimum availability

You can relax and leave everything else to the experts of Corr24.