The company Corr24 uses a new approach in the fields of service and spare parts supply. The vast majority of corrugator plants around the world are using an older, mixed corrugator from different manufacturers. The result is that these companies usually have different suppliers and different solutions for every machine in the line.

The outcome of this situation is a lack of a single responsible partner for the entire production process. Ideally most plants would prefer to have one contact for all components, the same as if they had a corrugator from a single source.
Corr24 is there to provide exactly this service. We can assist customers in the areas of service, production optimization, training and spare parts supply for corrugators from all manufacturers. Corr24 can rely on the decades of experience of more than 25 employees in the corrugated board industry. These specialists are familiar with equipment from different manufacturers. So, a service will now be offered which plants could previously only expect from a supplier where a complete line was installed. In addition to the new business unit Corr24 is going to continue providing conventional supplies of spare parts and services.

The focus of activities though will be the game-changing all-in-one service for mixed corrugators.



Maintenance - Productivity - Spare Parts - your fullservice Provider!

Corr24 GmbH has its focus in the areas of mixed corrugators consisting of equipment from multiple OEMs. The owners of these lines will be put in a position to reduce their dependence on various providers to one company only. 



Limited availability on Fr. 3rd of July 2020

Due to changes on our server our availability per phone and mail will be limited from Fr. 3rd of July 13:00 on. We will be fully operational on Monday 6th.


In case of emergency you can call our emergency service on +49-160-7 140 900.


Thank you for your understanding.



Status : Corr24 & Corona

Corr24 is fully operational and protects their employees.



Refurbishment of a Vario Star in Hamburg

Corr24 supervises the disassembly of a Peters Vario Star, which will be overhauled in our workshop in Hamburg and re-installed for our customer.



Availability via phone February 10th, 2020

We like to inform you that due to changes by our telephone provider on Monday February 10th, 2020 we will not be available from time to time.


In case of emergency please call our hotline no. +49-160-7140934.


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